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Bellitalia – Established in the 60’s, offering decades of experience in the field of urban concrete and marble aggregate, Bellitalia has revolutionized the Urban Furniture marketplace by creating timeless street furniture with everlasting elegance and resistance to the harsh weather conditions of our ever changing climate.  Unique in its design capabilities, offering the ability to transform size, shape and colour is why Bellitalia is considered one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke outdoor furniture.

City Design consider themselves as “street stylists” of the urban furniture world.  An Italian manufacturer of high quality, simplistic outdoor furniture that can be customized by colour, texture and finish to help create a certain “personality” to your outdoor space.  The Made-In-Italy products are manufactured to be unique to each project, while maintaining the same goal across the board; cost-effectiveness, sustainability, variety and durability.

Ideal Shield was established in 1997 and is a family run company.  With the advancement of todays industries, car chargers and barrier protection bollards are of the utmost importance.

Lab 23 – Founded in 1958, the Italian company has been renowned for its unique approach to bespoke outdoor furniture.  From the choice of material right down to their design, Lab 23 has one goal in mind; to manufacture innovative, environmentally friendly products that are aesthetically pleasing yet able to maintain the functionality of everyday life.  By use of high quality, sustainable materials that are resistant to wear and atmospheric agents, Lab 23 products are built to last!

Established in 1978, Puczynski is now one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke street furniture, with limitless customizability tailored for any project size.  Manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide comfort, quality and durability that can not only withstand our tough Canadian climate, but do so in style!

Viabizzuno is an Italian based manufacturer that is unparalleled in the design and manufacturing of each fixture.

“We make the culture of light and we create wellbeing through the light.”